The Woman Boss is welcoming entrepreneurs, students and women all over the country to become a member of our conducive space. A center where we teach, mentor, learn and grow together. Be part of our family by filling the membership form.

The Woman Boss is a creative space for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership, where women and girls curate, collaborate, innovate, and grow. It provides women entrepreneurs with an inspiring community and an experiential process that catalyzes innovative thinking and enables them to successfully scale their businesses. 


Its creation means stronger recognition as an economic development driver, creating public value, and becoming agents of positive change for women, globally. We foster economic development and are a catalyst for innovation for women and girls.

The Woman Boss aims to provide an ecosystem of support for women that will foster intellectual capital and allow entrepreneurs to leverage different learning platforms. We also believe that creating Women Bosses should start early. We provide leadership series for both corporate women and young girls.  We want to ensure that women have the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to be successful in their ventures and careers. 



Collaborate | Engage | Learn


To increase economic opportunities for women.


To connect, inspire, and support women and young girls, by promoting innovation and entrepreneurial learning, leadership skills, and being a catalyst for creative action.




Leadership Series

Women are usually underrepresented in both corporations and startup incubators. The Woman Boss engages experienced entrepreneurs and leaders to present real life stories of successes through presentations and workshops. Socio-economic constraints can limit women’s understanding of the viability, possibilities, or application of entrepreneurship in their long-term professional development. Our goal is to expand the frame of reference for women and catalyze their entry into their ecosystem for entrepreneurship.


Leadership Series for Young Girls

The Woman Boss provides young school girls access to leadership skills. We host leadership academies for young girls to be exposed to opportunities for mentorship and sponsorship, and where they gain the skills to overcome fears and learn to take smart risks.


Girls/Women in Tech Series

This series offers computer coding courses with The Disruptive Lab. Studies cite that there is a job gap for technical coders, especially for women. The Woman Boss seeks to train local talent to be prepared for these jobs. TWB works in collaboration with The Disruptive Lab to offer training to women and girls.


ACCESS TO Online learning platforms

Experience and industry research indicates that small business owners are reactive learners. As a compliment to the in-person workshops, coaching and seminars, the online learning platform will provide a resource library of tools, templates and educational seminars. The platform will leverage content already developed by other international organizations, such as:

  • Lean Canvas

  • Business Plan Templates

  • Financial Projection Templates

  • Self-paced online courses

  • Pre-recorded webinars



The Woman Boss hosts networking events to foster authentic relationships among women entrepreneurs, leaders, and prospective investors. Through these convening events, participants will convene to socialize and share information. These events will in turn build the awareness of participants about opportunities for professional and business development.


One-on-one entrepreneurial counseling

Assigning a mentor/sponsor for entrepreneurs.


digital transformation

Scaling your business through Digital Transformation. Creating systems that promote digital growth through the cultivation of customer relationships using digital channels.



Business Plan Coaching



Agriculture remains one of the sectors rural women can continue tapping into in order to achieve food self-sufficiency, empowerment and financial independence, while improving the economic growth of our country. Most women in The Gambia especially in the rural areas, are victims of economic or financial violence because they rely solely on the income of their husbands to sustain the family and as a result, are forced to endure all the hardships that may arise from such unhealthy relationships. If this must change, then women need to be provided with the skillset and adequate resources to explore the natural resources The Gambia is already endowed with.

Therefore, this project “RURAL WOMEN IN AGRICULTURE’’, seeks to penetrate the rural communities and gather women in a common platform, speak to them in their local dialects about their challenges in this sector and visit their farms to measure the amount of help required for them to boost. This will be followed by curated training geared towards helping them with better ways to have access to market in order to sell their harvest, how to re-invest, save and educate on finances, as well as how to improve the technologies used for irrigation. The program will run for a whole year with a target reach of 60 women – 2 cohorts each of 30 women. There will be ongoing evaluation to assess the impact of the project. 




The Woman Boss recognizes the need to nurture, groom and empower young girls into our next generation of leaders, by imparting them with all the necessary skills required such as leadership exposure, public speaking skills, critical thinking, mentorship, self-awareness and personal development.  

The Woman Boss’ SCHOOL AMBASSADORS INITIATIVE selects upcoming young girl leaders from neighboring high schools, who additionally to the above, identifies a Community Problem limiting the growth within their communities. The selected girls then pitch to a panel of judges on how they intend to solve the problem. While doing so, they are expected to demonstrate a clear understanding of the challenges and present possible solutions. These selected next generation of women leaders also earn the opportunity to: 

  • Receive funding to solve their Community Problem 

  • Speak at Woman Boss Events 

  • Serve as the Voice of TWB in her School and Community  

  • Highlighted as a Woman Boss Ambassador in all TWB platforms 

  • Have an Opportunity to Earn a Scholarship to the University of The Gambia


This program is designed with the women entrepreneur in mind. Our goal is to support the growth and to help scale their businesses. Each participating woman is supported with tremendous resources and support to grow and become viable. We want women entrepreneurs to execute their businesses; not only write a plan. Our program is designed to introduce concepts to an intense curated curriculum for women entrepreneurs, led by top notch certified trainers. They are also introduced to digital transformation for their ventures to scale up. At the end of the program, we expect each entrepreneur to know what their next step is and connect them with experienced mentors/coaches in the diaspora, as well as possible funders.



  • Must be a female

  • Must have an existing business

  • Must have a registered business with a TIN number

  • Must be open to learning and participating in practical sessions

  • Must be willing to invest time in personal and business development


As you know, women in business drive our economy, create jobs and boost spending. Women have a direct impact on building and sustaining economic growth within our communities:



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